21 October 2009

a small update. in short.

I am very much enjoying my job. i work thursday through sunday which is perfect for me since i would rather work consecutive days. 4 days on 3 days off. in case we want to take short trips out of town or what not.

because of cutting gluten and dairy out of my diet i have been forced (well, willingly) to start researching recipes and cooking. its been nice because i have never been much of a cook. ever. i have never even had the desire to cook for myself but now i get excited about it. i enjoy grocery shopping for the first time in my life. and i am trying to shop mainly from the bulk and produce sections of our local organic grocery store, wheatsville. its very pleasing to the eyes to have a pantry full of jars (this was very much inspired by our downstairs neighbors brad and sara.)

we have been exploring a lot. mckinney falls state park. zilker botanical gardens. Pinata Party Palace. the fun part of being in a new city. but the best part about that statement is that i dont feel like austin could ever get old. there are endless places to see and things to do here. so many things remind me of richmond, which makes me smile. it doesn't make me miss richmond per say, but it gives me more reason to love it here. i do miss my friends though. i wont deny that. and i definitely miss my family. but its a little better now that we can video chat! never thought that day would come!

we have been enjoying as many meals as possible on our dining room table outside. its pretty nice to have such a big deck. its definitely acted as a second living room for us. but it has been raining a lot here which is sort of a bummer but the deck is perfect for growing things. so i have been thinking about how to take advantage of the weather. what plants are in season right now. what will be able to grow and survive through the winter. what will be able to survive the sap trees above.

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haleh said...

you will come to appreciate the rain when you sit through a summer with 60+ plus days of 105+ degree weather and dry creeks. austin is green right now!