20 October 2009

Austin’s Moonlight Towers

last night stephanie and i went on a ghost tour. austin isnt a very old city so we both knew that there wouldnt be too many hauntings to tell, but we figured that the tour would be a little more historical. which we both didnt mind- being that we dont know too much about austin. one of the more interesting stories was about the moonlight towers.

'After a string of serial murders in 1884-1885, the City of Austin proposed and funded a public lighting system for the City. The 31 Tower Lights as they were called were completed and turned on in 1895. Over the years, some have fallen victim to the weather, others to development (good and bad). In 1976, the remaining towers were added to the National Register of Historic Places.'

'Today there are 17 left clustered around the downtown residential areas of East and West Austin. You can see below that the pattern of extinct moonlight towers (in red) more or less follow the development of the University of Texas, I-35, and the north side of Ladybird Lake. Off to the Southwest is one moonlight tower in Zilker Park that, for a few weeks in December, becomes a tree for the Trail of Lights.'

'Though there are many photographs of the Moonlight Towers, the vast majority are taken during the day. Photography cannot adequately convey what they look like at night, so I suggest that while you are here, you visit one of the towers furthest from downtown to get the best effect.'

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