20 September 2009

we arrived monday and i have been too busy loving being here to update you all. our place is perfect. perfect location. wonderful people around us. its perfect. my dream city. i dont think i could love it anymore then i already do ( even though im sure i will ). it feels like a breath of fresh air. like its right. i dont even think about being so far away from everything ive ever known bc, to me, right now, this is all i want to know. everything about the attitude here, the outlook, the originality- is the opposite of what ive been living in for the past year. and Stephanie said it, 'i dont think Lauren realized how much she hated dc until she got here.' and its true. dc did not settle well with my spirit. but im not thinking about that. only about how i cant stop smiling. i am looking for a job but i am not to worried about it. there is so much to do that i wish i didnt even have to get a job. this past week has been so busy and the list only keeps growing. we have already cooked out a few times, taken the dogs to red bud isle a few times (an off leash island), gone to see the chuck close exhibit at AMOA, became members of wheatsville co-op, and spec's liquor. i even got my library card. life is good. cant wait for friends to come visit me!

and tonight we went to watch the bats fly out from the s. congress bridge. 1.5 million. it was pretty crazy to think that that many bats live in one bridge. and that they chose austin as their summer vacation spot. they come out every night from june through oct as the sun sets. in november they all fly back to mexico for the winter. the largest urban bat colony in the united states. it was amazing. they flew out in swarms, snake like in the air. i couldnt believe it. so many people go every night to watch the little guys too. i didnt take this picture but here is a glimpse of what we saw.

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Anonymous said...

yay!!!sounds like you are having so much fun! I work at AMOA so glad you came and checked it out. you must go to Hamilton Pool. it's a bit far but it's worth it i promise.