27 September 2009

our house is complete. all of our curtains are up. the bed skirt's covering up tons of things we have to hide under our bed. stephanie's aunt and uncle gave us this amazing dining room table which unfortunately did not fit in our tiny cozy tree house but does indeed go comfortably on our deck. we love our deck. it is our second living room. and luckily it hardly ever rains and never gets colder then 40 degrees. which means that we are constantly sitting out there.

work is going swimmingly. its one of my favorite jobs ive ever had. everyone there is around my age and really fun and laid back. the place is even owned by a young lesbian couple. how perfect. everyone has very specific eating choices too which makes it quite easy to be gluten free dairy free. everyone really works well together. no drama. not yet atleast. i dont think there will be though. its not that kind of vibe. this is my helen's. tomorrow i have a few hours long of tea training. very excited. i quit drinking coffee about 4 years ago and switched to teas. but i never really got into all the different types. this is a great opportunity. i love working for a place that i am proud of.


stephanie said...

i love our house.
i love our dogs.
i love that you are happy.
i love my larnball.

chelsea said...

fucking awesome table. cant wait to cook a delicious meal with you ladies.