05 September 2009

in a few days i will be a texan. an austinite. i am very excited to be moving back into a city more my speed. one that makes me feel welcome. one that doesn't put pressure on me to be a certain way, one that isnt always in a hurry. an eco friendly, bike friendly, dog friendly, southern hospitable city. one with water, hills, the largest urban bat colony, desert sand, everything i could want. its a bigger more progressive richmond, a warmer brooklyn with out the traffic. a place full of originality. full of new ideas. hardly any chains businesses. keep austin weird. a place where its not going to be a shocker that i bring my own reusable bags. i plan on sneaking in on some classes at UT, working at the local co-op, maybe get a moped, soak up as much new music as i can discover. a huge deck calls for a huge garden. which calls for hopefully eating much healthier. im ready. i need some fresh air. and i cant wait to explore the south west. this will be a new start for us. a good one. a place that is not my city or your city, but our city. one we can discover together. it will be good. im ready.


Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for some time, and I know you said a while back that you wanted to move to Austin! I can't believe you are actually moving here! how awsome! the weather is getting cooler just in time for ACL! I hope you like it here..I can't wait to read about your new discoveries...Welcome home :-)

Anonymous said...

awww butta