24 July 2009

today at the thrift store, stephanie and i were waiting in line to pay up and for some reason the computer was not working and kept freezing up when running my card. so we were waiting there after running my card a few times, and unexpectedly the lady at the register next to us leaned over and said, "here is 20 dollars and my business card, pay me back when you can, i trust you." i was pretty blown away. i have come across very few ppl like that in dc that are genuine. it was pretty refreshing. ppl like that keep the world going. the other day i thought about how this city is wearing me down and killing my spirit but that lady salvaged dc just a little bit. thank you, lady. and yes i will return to you your 20 dollars asap


Alex t said...

that's amazing. something like that happened to me the other day, when I was moving in. we were moving this huuuuuuuuge old TV... 4 people wasn't enough. my new downstairs neighbor happened by and stopped to help. I told him he was welcome over to watch a movie anytime. people like that are mysterious, they pop in your life just when you think there isn't a bit of humanity left in the world and restart your belief that sometimes people are ok. :)

asdf said...