27 July 2009

carrboro, nc

this is a small town i would recommend heading through on an east coast road trip. we went for a weekend, mainly to see She&him but ended up seeking out some amazing little gems. this is the part of town youll see some tattoos- where the artists of chapel hill wander. it reminded me slightly of little five points in atlanta.

If you make it out on a sunday- walk over to the organic food coop, weaver street market for brunch. they have an amazing hot bar for pretty cheap and if you arrive around 11a (during the summer months) you can catch some live jazz. there are a lot of families that come out with their kids but there are also a bunch of randoms that come to try and steal the spot light. makes for great people watching and you might just strike up a comforting conversation with a stranger.

if you want some on the run good eats there is the 'Sunrise Biscuit Kitchen'. what beats home made drive through biscuits and gravy?! be careful though you might drive right by this place. its a little white shack on the side of e. franklin st.

lunch: carrburritos, voted one of the best burritos in town. or you can go for the good ol' north carolina bbq. Allen & Son Pit Cooked Bar-B-Q. a bit out of the way, but totally worth it. the waitresses look like they have been there their entire lives- real southern greetings.

dinner: hands down,southern rail, this restaurant is built around two old train cars. one for the dining room and one for the bar. the walls are covered in black and white photography of the rail way in gaudy gold frames, and art nouveau. the windows over look train tracks and cement overgrown statues. the food comes quick and is amazing, aesthetically and very pleasing to the taste buds. this is the type of restaurant i look for when i travel. something different, something interesting and unique.

if you feel like catching a drink you can walk next door to 'the station'. this bar is over 100 years old. it was really dark like a jazz bar, with vintage couches and wooden interior like a saloon, but more glamorous in a gloomy way. there were skeleton murals juxtaposing fancy chandeliers. jugs full of collected wine corks. its the kind of place you can relax with a few friends and not be interrupted by some drunk douche bag.

the scrap exchangethe mission is to "promote creativity, environmental awareness, and community through reuse."
the nightlight the original cat's cradle music venue from the 60's
caffe driade coffee, art, cigars, beer and wine

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