12 June 2009

the restaurant i work at opens at 5 for dinner and usually ppl don't start to roll in until around 7 or 8. an older woman came in a little bit earlier last night and grabbed a seat at the bar while she was waiting for her friend to arrive. as she was contemplating what she was going to drink- she brought up that she was a health food consultant. she asked our bartender what types of tequila we had and enlightened us in that it is one of the only alcohols that is alkaline, along with potato vodka and sake. so i learned that all alcohol, save those three, is on the acid side of the scale. i know that alcohol is not the best for your body but there are actually a few that aren't going to blow up your pH levels. so yes i have been known to switch up 'my drink,' and it looks like i am going to again. ill have a tequila gimlet please.

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stephanie said...

really? so now you are going to start drinking my drink? oh, alright. ;)