22 June 2009

i was thinking the other night about how many blogs i follow. all of my friends that live in other cities that i don't really keep in touch with, but how i feel like i know what they are thinking because of reading their posts. people go in and out of our lives and we aren't always the best at keeping in touch with each other, i know I'm not. the internet gives a sort of facade. one thing that made me realize this was- when i went to richmond for Jenna's birthday last weekend she had a party and it was the usual reunion. richmond being a small town you always run into the same people. its sort of like a big family that everyone is adopted into. but so many people, that i hadn't talked to in months, came up to me and asked me about my puppies, and told me how cute they are. they have seen all the pictures i post on facebook i assume. with a few of the people i was surprised that they followed my facebook at all- but i guess that is how things are now. it makes things a lot easier in a way- it keeps from having to tell the 'whats new?' story over and over- bc who ever wants to can simply check your blog or facebook with out the awkward conversation. but i mean- i don't know if i like that this evolution has come about, or the fact that i might have succumb to it. the act of communicating with each other has completely changed. we now all use the well known 'social utility' as our everyday middle man. it has even been said that, "we aren't really friends if we aren't friends on myspace/facebook". i mean..really? why would someone friend request me and then never message or comment, or when i see them in 'real life' they act like they dont know who i am? hmm

along with that...text has replaced the sound of someones voice and caller i.d. has left many unanswered phone calls.
socialization is on the down spiral and i need to jump the fuck off before it becomes non existant.


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here. here.

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Jameson and Laney said...

I hear what your sayin Lo, but the world is getting smaller and people are moving farther away from eachother. I personally am so happy to have the option of entering into the world of your blog and visiting you for a little while. And am am grateful when friends and family take to time to see what is going on in my life...becasue honestly, sometimes its too hard to keep up with everything. Blogs and whatnot allow us to see eachother and just pick up from where we left off, continue with our ever-evolving relationships.

¨Transport of the mails, transport of the human voice, transport of flickering pictures in this century, as in others, our highest accomplishments still have the single aim of bringing men together.´´
--Antoine De Saint-Exupery, "Terre des Hommes" (translated into English as "Wind, Sand, and Stars"), 1939

Not to romanticize facebook and myspace or anything like that.