03 April 2009

i just finished reading this book. my mom gave it to me, recommended by my aunt. she said that it was something i would really like. she was right. it was definitely something i needed to read. it was a story about God. but not what you think. it was different. it was one of the most nonreligious books I've ever read. it was about breaking ritual, about breaking the stereotypical views of who God is and how he feels about us. even the thought that God is an old man in the sky w a white beard. i learned that God is a God of verbs not nouns. that the word responsibility is never used in the bible. God loves us for who we are and will never make us love him or do anything for him except by our own free will. bc that's what a relationship is, that's what makes a friendship/a love relationship special- is bc its not forced. Christianity isn't about going to church or about 'doing what God wants us to do' its about Life and its about fullness of life in Him. He doesn't want us to set aside time for Him, he wants us to be 'in' Him. always.

read it.
this book brings clarity to those who already know him, about how he relates to humanity, and engage those who don't realize his presence.


stephanie said...

i'm thankful you are finding a renewed sense of faith. it's good to remind yourself that christianity is a personal journey, not something forced upon you by a missionary or by a guilt trip or by a cultural ritual. i love the light that is back in your eyes.

Dana Dabney said...

This sounds pretty awesome.