27 March 2009

keep austin weird

Stephanie and I just got back from our two week long road trip to Houston and Austin. It was quite the adventure. I'm lucky to have a partner who loves to travel as much as i do. and the best part is that she is drawing me to travel more of the united states. i haven't been as interested in seeing my own country in quite awhile but it has been exciting and i cant wait to discover the secrets of all the different states. i seem to think that every thing interesting can only be found in other countries- but it is quite naive of me to think that all of North America is the same. every state has its on uniqueness i have yet to discover. eventually we will have our own tumbleweed house.

what we set out to do:
- take 3 days to get there and 3 days back, leaving time to spontaneity
- beignets in new orleans
- spend time with Stephanie's family
- spend our days in Austin riding bikes, hanging out w Lady and scoping out all the different neighborhoods to see what best suites us for when we move
-spend our nights going to sxsw shows and eating off the many different street vendors
- eat crawfish
- find the best tex mex
- pick up olive bean at jfk

what we did do and what i learned on this trip:
- that i love sketchy rode side motels
- how good muffaletta sandwiches are
- ate beignets and that Lady likes powdered sugar
- flank steak marinated in Pepsi is amazing
- that I'm glad i dont have a yippee dog that is constantly barking
- i love Texan BBQ and rodeos
- how to shoot a revolver and a semi automatic
- that i like shooting revolvers better
- how to clean guns
- that i love Stephanie's family
- that i love gingerbread pancakes
- that i love Austin and cant wait for it to be my new home
- that i want to start a garden
- that i want to learn to harvest rain water (but it never rains in Austin)
- that Austin has the world's largest urban bat colony, and i want to build a bat house for our yard in Austin
- that i want a wind chime for my porch
- that i can be totally weird in Austin and it will be normal
-that saying i don't want a plastic bag at a store wont cause them to look at me like I'm crazy
- that Austin is a blend of Richmond/Brooklyn/Nashville, which to me is a dream city.
- we ended up stopping in Nashville for popsicles but had no luck
- we did have luck w getting to NYC early to get Roberta's pizza in Brooklyn
- that being shipped in a tiny crate must be a petrifying thing
- that i am now a proud mom of two french bulldogs

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calaismarie said...

three cheers for your new pup. and for tumbleweed houses.