15 January 2009

"The Insecurities of Time"

Know Hope

January 16th through February 15th 2009
Opening Reception: Friday, January 16th 7pm-10pm

For the past 4 years, Know Hope has been showing his work in galleries and exhibitions worldwide, but most of his work has been on the streets, in their natural urban settings. Know Hope deals with the ephemeral aspect of street art not only as a genre in itself, but also as a subject, exploring the need of momentary connections in everyday reality, and the common denominator that is the human struggle.

Know Hope’s recent work has been revolving around the story of an unnamed figure, following it and creating some sort of lifeline through its observations, mishaps and eventually its commentary. The figure is the visual manifestation of the human vulnerability addressed in all the pieces. The use of cardboard makes the content of the pieces physical, underlining the urgency of creating temporary art for the street, and the liability and rough fragility of the struggle.

"In a way, I'm finding that [to be] the most common of areas...being in that gray area. I think that knowing fully where you are, is such an absolute condition, which is rarely achieved, if ever. We can know where we are now, and speak of the contemplations, discoveries, conclusions of those moments. But time is a tricky thing. Once you figure what is going on at a given time, it becomes the past, automatically. Throwing you into a state of re-adjustment, re-calculation. Same works with conclusions based on hind sight recollections from the past. What worked yesterday, isn't relevant today. So we're constantly in between, re-adjusting. Coming to terms and adapting. There is so much to be said about the games of time, but I can get rather scattered if not speaking about something specific. Basically the only place we are surely as present and precise would be now. That gray area." -know hope

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