02 December 2008

just so stories

when i moved to dc we decided to start our very own 'found' book. things we find on the street. notes, pictures, anything. something ive always wanted to do. we found this book in asheville at the 'book exchange' , this giant warehouse of free books. any one can walk in and take whatever they want. it found me.

we found 5 dollars on the street one day. that didnt make it into the book. we bought lotto tickets. but we didnt win bc i didnt listen to stephanie and get scratch off tickets. bc if i did we would be rollin in the (gluten-free) dough right now.

other things that didnt make it in but that we put up on our bulletin:
a plastic heart
a plastic army man.
stephanie spray painted a leaf silver.

many more to come.
this keeps us more aware of the little things around us.


Ichael said...

Maybe the lotto tickets then should make it in...?

bean said...