06 November 2008

what an amazing time to be alive. we have made history and im glad to be apart of it. so proud of virginia for going blue for the first time in 44 years! even though i didnt get to vote i saw the whole thing through. i got to go with stephanie and connect the arrows and they even gave me an i voted sticker :) later, a bunch of us went to sticky rice to watch the victory unfold on the big screen. it was an exciting night and the streets of dc were full of happy riots. we drank and cheered and celebrated for this change we greatly need for our country. and what a lot of ppl never thought possible - happened. and it happened by a landslide. the next day everyone was smiling. there has been a shift in the atmosphere full of joy, full of relief. (we're camping out for the inauguration)


Anonymous said...

america is so happy!

Allie, Dearest said...