14 August 2008

i was talking with Stephanie last night about the end of the world and what that necessarily means. the world, evolution, and how humanity relates or is effecting it.

its like the big hype these days to think that the end of the world is going to come in our lifetime. bc we are "killing our planet". but why do we think that we have this power to kill the earth? why do we think we are so special that we are gonna witness this defeat?

we were talking about how if the world was around millions of years before us -why would it all of a sudden just be gone so instantly? humanity as we know it is a blink of an eye in the time this earth has seen and i doubt it will ever come to an end- but maybe we are turning the earth into an environment that we can no longer evolve or adapt to fast enough to survive it. she brought up that maybe we are like a disease that the earth is gonna fight off. it will send out its white blood cells and kill us in order for itself to survive.

maybe the end of the world is not a literal thing but is actually the end of our survival as people upon it. bc we tend to think the world revolves around our existence anyways. if we are gonna be around during the grand finale then hell yea but i doubt it. i mean maybe we are one of millions of waves of people that have reigned our planet. and just as societies have fallen, the earth has fought 'us' off before. life fights to exist and the earth puts up w it long enough to fight it off again and again.

this makes me think about what our purpose really is. Stephanie mentioned that maybe 'the end of the world' theories were created so that ppl will actually wake up and live life w passion, w desire to dream big, have goals and see them come to fruition.

live. don't waste your time on petty things.


stephanie said...

the world will and always has, spin on without us. if we focus on how we live and the impact we are putting on the world, especially on ourselves, the "spinning" becomes less important while the "ourselves" illuminates

Rachel said...

I wanna know you again. all of you. My mind rests here. www.myhearteyes.blogspot.com
I heard you were moving, is it true. Is it for love?