11 August 2008

bestfriends day

Friday, August 15th-

Scavenger Hunt: Begins at Chop Suey Books at 1 pm. Sign up starts at 12:30. We have enough room for 20 teams of 4. Bring a bike if you have one, it will make the day easier. The winning team gets into Hadad's for free. Cameras are necessary! All scavenger hunt participants get into Alley Katz before anyone else.

Alley Katz: The 1st official BFD show! Doors at 6 pm. ALL AGES. Your mind will be blown by Municipal Waste (Waste ‘em All line-up), Paint it Black, Quadiliacha, Caustic Christ, Brutal Knights, and Religious As Fuck. NO BAGS. NO PETS. $10.

Saturday, August 16th, 12-8:

HADAD'S!!! We have rented the entire park for BFD, so be prepared for the most amazing day on water since Jesus walked over it. Since we have the park, we're going to have the following bands playing, starting at 1 pm: Ultra Dolphins, Brainworms, Cannibis Corpse, Polka Madre, ApeShit, Environmental Youth Crunch, Shellshag, NO B.S. Brass Band, Gull, And DJ’s. It's only $15 for the day! That is only $3 more than you will pay any other boring day when all you have to listen to is Keith Urban and line-dance songs. NO GLASS. NO PETS. FOOD FOR GRILLING. MONEY FOR VENDORS.

Sunday, August 17th, 1-7 pm

The Bike Lot: Plan to see Armalite, This Bike is a Pipe Bomb, Cloak/Dagger, Lemuria, MouthBreather, and the always brutal Lucha Libre.

Bring a bike to ride the ramp. Bring money to buy food from Nate's Taco stand. But don't bring pets or glass. For real. $5.


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