19 June 2008

the mystical meets the industrial revolution.

handwriting analysis and method acting, angel says they both got popular at the same time. stanislavski studied the work of pavlov and his drooling dog and the work of neurophysiologist I M sechenov. before that, edgar allen poe studied graphology. everybody was trying to link the physical and the emotional. the body and the mind. the world and the imagination. this world and the next.

moving mistys finger along the wall, he has her trace the words: "...the flood of you, with your bottomless hunger and noisy demands..."

whispering, angel says, "if emotion can create a physical action, then duplicating the physical action can re-create the emotion."

stanislavski, sechenov, poe, everybody was looking for some scientific method to produce miricles on demand, he says. an endless way to repeat the accidental. an assembly line to plan and manufacture the spontaneous.


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