25 December 2007

merry xmas

'life is not the goal, it is the process. it is the getting there, not the arrival. dont fear change, for growing, learning, and experiencing is change. to deny change is to deny the only single reality. there is no stopping it, no holding it back, there is only going with it. there is a hindu tale about a man in a small boat rowing up a fast flowing river against the current. after a great battle, he finally discovers that the effort is futile, so he gives up, raises his oars and begins to sing. the moment teaches him a new way of life; only when he goes with the changing river is man truly free. there is potential lying dormant with in you to be realized. this should challenge you to be the best, most loving, feeling, intelligent person he is capable of. his search is not in competition with anyone elses. he becomes his own personal challenge. you are the best you- its the easiest, most practical, most rewarding thing to be. ' -leo buscaglia


Allie, Dearest said...

have you ever thumbed through a copy of the Imitation? It's very daunting. Written by a monk who trained other monks in the art of restraining the passions and desires. Only daunting in that, by renouncing all holds on us, it can be easy to renounce those responsibilities and obligations God has given us. But by fully engaging in life, one can, by distraction, renounce things eternal.

I already think it's going to be one of those really difficult books to wrestle through.

That designer used to really throw me, using that name, I was looking to the clothing to find some context clues of why it was named that.

Anonymous said...

love you