18 June 2006

bonnaroo-all access

so this weekend was pretty much amazing.

thanks to joe and mutemath- i got in bonnaroo free and with an all access pass! that equaled

1. guest parking and camping behind the 'which' stage in centeroo- which means i could get into centeroo whenever i want and not have to wait an hour in line to get through security at noon at the main arch entrance each day. and i could go back to my tent whenever during the day bc it took about one second to get there.

2. free meals all 4 days (including multi vitamins and vitamin C chewables) and amazing smoothies for breakfast.

3. VIP access to the bleachers and backstage at every stage. it was one of greatest joys to push through the crowd on stage right "excuse me! excuse me!" and walk behind the gates as i flashed my pass.

4. access to the artist tent and area where i could get free alcohol, cigs, smartwater, sunscreen, chapstick, matches, and basically anything i could ever want. (i even got a free timberland shirt and could have gotten boots but they didnt have my size)

5. short cuts and back entrances between stages

6. i was one of 50 (out of 80,000) to sit backstage balcony for the beck show on the main stage.

other amazing things were that stevie nicks guest appeared with tom petty! and gillian welch guest appeared with bright eyes! and in 4 days i saw- the cat empire, devotchka, andrew bird, seu jorge, ben folds, death cab, devendra banhart, bright eyes, cat power, clap your hands say yeah, tom petty, damian marley, beck, radiohead (they played a 2 1/2 hour set!!!), be your own pet, bela fleck, the streets, and matisyahu!

also i stood about 5 feet from aaron neville and matisyahu and rode in a van with rusted root. we rode the ferris wheel and danced in the silent disco (which basically the most amazing this ive ever seen. everyone goes in wearing wireless headphones, including the DJ, and everyone dances to the same song, but if you walk by or if you take off your headphones then it is silent and everyone looks like crazy people dancing to an unheard beat.)

the weekend was perfect. our neighbors were awesome, camping was fun, and it was the first year that it didnt rain!

so now im ruined and will never want to go to bonnaroo again if im not going to be a VIP

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