02 January 2006

my top 50 songs of 2005 (not in order)

1 cheese on bread- how long have you...
2 embrace- gravity
3 supergrass- alright
4 sufjan stevens- john wayne gacy, jr.
5 coldplay- till kingdom come
6 feist- mushaboom
7 emiliana torrini- today has been o.k.
8 ben jelen- setting of the sun
9 anna nalick- breathe (2 am)
10 patty griffin- mary
11 cloud room- hey now now
12 blone redhead- in particular
13 bloc party- banquet
14 gabby la la- boogie woogie man in a black dress
15 the moldy peaches- anyone else but you
16 david mead- nashville
17 kraftwerk- pocket calculator
18 travis- turn
19 homemade knives- virginia
20 andrew bird- fake palindromes
21 mirah- cold cold water
22 a sides- sidewalk chalk
23 ben folds- adelaide
24 blood sugars- first come takers
25 devotchka- we're leaving
26 we are scientists- this scene is dead
27 le tigre- get off the internet
28 tracy chapman- baby can i hold you
29 why?- waterfalls
30 the delgados- keep on breathing
31 the fray- over my head
32 patty griffin- kite song
33 broken social scene- major label debut
34 architecture of helsinki- the owls go
35 imogen heap- the moment i said it
36 johnny cash- ring of fire
37 spoon- small stakes
38 the black eyed peas- my style
39 the decemberists/gabby la la- the chimbley sweep
40 mew- the zookeeper's boy
41 regina spektor- carbon monoxide
42 sigur ros- saeglopur
43 beck- missing
44 patrick wolf- gypsy king
45 hillsong united- all i need is you
46 christa black- let you down
47 mat kearney- nothing left to lose
48 weasley- lorenzo
49 M.I.A- galang
50 the subways- rock and roll queen

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