08 September 2005

wholly part
by lauren d'auria

we sit around in this so called
life embracing our tics with out notice
either bouncing leg or biting lip
a sort of natural distraction reaction
to focus is to panic; eye contact
iris to iris blooming sockets
individually separate we are wholly part
part of the problem
solving. as we receive we are responsible to give
or learning to give up that which you never had
understand your responsibility to other people

passerbyers walk by those dead
inside they observe the lying mirror
on the backs of their closed eye lids
the mute scream but no one hears
the cries of unseen hearts
sunbathing to tan our ego. burned.
sunglasses falsify the light of day
creating the shade of comfort
we settle for idealist views above
panoramic above retrospect
from which to learn the repetition
of what comes next.

1 comment:

Unconsoius said...

beautifully written lauren. i enjoyed reading it, thank you.