28 September 2005

so last night i checked a lot of things off the 'things to do before i die' list including:

1.seeing sufjan stevens
2.passing out at a concert and
3.going in an ambulance

so yea!!! the show (what i saw) was amazing! this had to be the most entertainingly cute concert- because they were all dressed in matching cheerleading uniforms and did cheers in between each song!
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sufjan came out like this at first
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they even sang a new version of the star spangled banner, obviously with the state theme he must be pretty patriotic.

superman was there (a blowup doll version, as you can see in the above picture). to make it up to him, for getting kicked off the album cover, sufjan let him come on tour with them.

i got to see him play my favorite song: john wayne gacy jr,

and right after- i think that a culmination of:
1.the only thing i ate that whole day was a tacito
2. being dehydrated
3.being up on the balcony where heat rises and smoke also rises
4.possibly standing for too long with the problem of having hyperextended knees
5. and ofcourse the swooning ability of sufjan

made me get really light headed, and from there i remember telling my friend chris that i was feeling really lightheaded and then automatically waking up on the floor with a bunch of ppl leaning over me after i had just passed out!

ofcourse i didnt want to leave the show but it ended up that chris carried me outside and i sat regaining strength and drinking orange juice to raise my blood sugar level (the weird thing was that it was hard for me to swallow and i didnt understand why).

thennn the ambulance came and i had enough strength to walk over and they checked a bunch of stuff and i didnt want to go to the hospital b/c i wanted to catch the end of the show. so we walked back in and i saw 2 more songs, one including a lame bday song, before the owner came in and told me i had to leave b/c it was house rules that i couldnt go back into the conditions that made me pass out

so me, chris, ashley, and matt all went outside and the lady asked me if i wanted anything, and i was having cold chills so i made her bring me a free coffee. ha.what an exciting adventure! and sufjan was so amazingly good looking!
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p.s. happy 3 year dreadlocks anniversary to meeeee!!!

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