14 June 2005

ok so we just got internet at my house here in nashville. so i am just now gettin to update you all. so it was an 11 hour drive here and only a week after my returning from florence. while i was home my parents had lots of family get togethers and cook outs and i had to move out of my aptmt in richmond, my moms bday all that week. so it was really busy and gave me no time to think about being back in the states except that it was weird using american money and i felt dumb using my first language. it just has been really too comfortable. now that i am away from ppl that speak and understand italian i really want to use it. so yea i havent been allowing myself to get stuck in nostalgia at all. the last 4 months in florence were i think just so surreal that my mind cant justify it as being real. but i have continued in the pattern of traveling.

so where i live is a perfect location, right in hillsboro village walking distance from the 'carytown' of nashville and the two best coffee shops in town.

i have been looking for a job..somewhat. im not really stressed out about it b/c i have been having so much fun just hanging out w/ ppl and i have met so many wonderful amazing ppl that i wont want to leave in august!


an old man across from me leans over to pick up a napkin and obsessivly whipes the table of its cleanness. (he must be a virgo) he evenly takes sips of his water and coffee, setting them perfectly back in to place. he has his wife beater shirt tucked neatly into his loose sweatpants with his phone clamped like a business mans on the side of the elastic. he has a live strong bracelet on his right wrist and a loose watch, facing in, on his left. an army tag empliments his right nike shoe. he stares intently out the window as he sips his cup continuously every 30 seconds with out fail. his water cup is empty and he looks at it wondering if another refill would be refreshing enough for him to walk over to get a refill.

i love making eye contact with strangers. i think because no matter if we ever meet- we automatically become a part of eachtothers life. maybe we will remember eachother -maybe not but it is recorded onto the memory track as an event of passing moments.

this past weekend i went to bonnaroo and it was ridiculous the amount of amazing bands that i saw in three and a half days: perpetual groove, gabby la la featuring les claypool, ollebelle, josh ritter, allison krauss and union station, madaleine peyroux, ray lamontagne, dave matthews band, brazilian girls, the mars volta, kings of leon, blue merle, rilo kiley, jack johnson, keller williams, iron and wine, secret machines, matisyahu, amos lee, dr. dog, keren ann, my morning jacket, the word, and modest mouse

beat that!

yea and the new coldplay and so freakin good i cant handle it and i bought my concert ticket to see them in sept and im countin down!~ cant wait!

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Livio said...

you liked the new Coldplay? no way!I hate what they did with Chris Martin's voice. And the songs are so good and yet so spoiled by the production. The wall of sound, the piano is no longer that important. I heard an acustic version of Square One and it was sooo much better than the album version! Try to find it, it's great. Happy to hear you're having a good time in nashvegas, take care.