27 June 2005

'before swallowing water do you look at it and say 'ten drops to my spleen, 50 on cardiovascular detail, the rest to my scalp- no. water somehow knows where to go. Jesus is the same way- directions arent needed, but your permission is.

you can stand waist deep in the colorado river and still die of thirst- until you scoop and swallow- the water does your system no good.'

you can surround yourself with life and living water and be engulfed, consumed, swimming in it but your flesh is waterproof just like your spiritual flesh is water proof. you have to drink the water and trust Gods work on the inside. drinking it is your act of permission

'spend a life telling God to leave you alone and he will'

not reading the bible and praying sure has caught up to me. Jesus i repent for not acknowleding my thirst. ignorance of God is luxory i can not afford

'And all day long we talk about mercy
Lead me to water Lord, I sure am thirsty'
-joanna newsom

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