12 May 2005

'man can learn, relearn, or unlearn to the point of death. there is always more to discover. no matter how much knowledge he has, man can never know everything about anything. change is the end result of all true learning.' -leo buscaglia

passing moments
by Lauren D'Auria

we are all passing moments
in eachothers changing lives.
its almost like this is a
mirage of unity before being
rescattered into the world,
leaving but an outline
of our silhoettes there
together sitting at the reunion table
of our mind.
we sit across from eachother,
looking through the beginnings
of blurring faces
and forgotten names,
discussing our experience
referred to now as one.

that poem was thought up and edited after observing my friends at amedaeus, a bar that aimee and aaron play at alot. as i watched everyone i realized that, yes, we were all there together at the moment but we were all from different places and we were all about to go back to those places very soon. there will never be another time in our lives when all these ppl will be together again. it really made me recognize the preciousness of each and every life experience and how much i dont hold them as dear as they should be held.

ive finished my european history exam and my italian exam and only have one more to go and so in my mind school is over. its crazy every time i think about it. yesturday while i was packing i leaned over to pick up some change and it was two pennies. i am so used to the euro that it will be really weird to switch back.

life is funny when its seasons are shorter or longer then youd wish theyd be. when you think youve learned something you really havent and change comes once again to reteach you.

'life is not the goal, it is the process. it is the getting there, not the arrival. dont fear change, for growing, learning, and experiencing is change. to deny change is to deny the only single reality. there is no stopping it, no holding it back, there is only going with it. there is a hindu tale about a man in a small boat rowing up a fast flowing river against the current. after a great battle, he finally discovers that the effort is futile, so he gives up, raises his oars and begins to sing. the moment teaches him a new way of life; only when he goes with the changing river is man truly free. there is potential lying dormant with in you to be realized. this should challenge you to be the best, most loving, feeling, intelligent person he is capable of. his search is not in competition with anyone elses. he becomes his own personal challenge. you are the best you- its the easiest, most practical, most rewarding thing to be. ' -leo buscaglia

today as i was walking around florence i ws listening to my ipod but through the music i heard the Duomo's bell tower ringing. i stopped in my tracks, took my head phones off and just listened to the familiar sound that will soon be gone. luckily in Richmond the cathedrals bells will be a sweet reminder of my time here.

so im off to see the wizard. this will be my last email that i send out before i come back to the states. sunday i leave for sicily for 9 days and i am more than excited. me and allie are goin to be in toarmina for 2 days and on the aeolian islands for the rest of the time except the day before we fly out we will go back to hike mt. etna. i cant wait to tell you all about it!

(and by the way) this summer i am movin to nashville tennessee for june and july. not for any big reason but just because i feel like being a bit more spontaneous. ill hopefully be working solely to pay for concert tickets because i plan on going to quite a few of those. even though thinking about moving to nashville for 2 months will almost be starting over with friends and life, i am excited b-c if it brings as much joy and growth as this semester in italy did then i am all for this next season. bring it on because getting out of our comfort zones is where we truly discover life.

i have a smile on my face- the kind of smile you make when you put on your friend or lover's shirt and smell that familiar smell

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