14 February 2005

this weekend we went to the french riviera to nice, france. it was the carnivale there too and there was an amazing huge parade and the weather was great. i wore a tshirt saturday. the bus ride there was gorgeous. nice is right on the Mediterranean sea which i had never been to. so i had to take off my shoes and socks and put my feet in. there is no sand there but there are all pebbles and big sea rounded rocks. the water sounds really cool as it washes back out. we ate crepes from breakfast and had real french bread sandwiches, we went down to the market which is one of the biggest flower markets and there is fruits and vegetables too..and i had read about this lady named therese who is the 'queen of the market' for her socca which is a chickpea crepe. it was amazing and there was a really long line and i got the last one of the day! we also went to the matisse and the chagall museaums..both were amazing. right infront of the matisse museaum was a huge park and we sat at a little cafe and i had chocolate croissants as we all watched this little french girl count '1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9!' and jump off a bench repeatedly..we would yell '7' as she skipped it and she laughed. nice the city looked really modern, more like miami then france, there were alot of palm trees and shops and casinos right on the boardwalk. this was also our first hotel experience so far ..we stayed in a 2 star hotel but it was great. there were 6 of us on three bunks. there was a window in the room like in peter pan! some pictures are up!

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