06 December 2004

when we begin to thank God and live thankful- not because of what He does for us but because of who He is, then we are coming to understand the heart of God because He didnt die or love you because of what you do but because of who He is.


I Wish No Chains Upon You 4:26 Aloha
Undo 5:38 Björk
In Particular 6:05 Blonde Redhead
Train In Vain 3:11 The Clash
Testing the Strong One 5:42 Copeland
You Belong To Me 3:03 Dean Martin
Waltz #2 (XO) 4:40 Elliott Smith
Chain 3:41 The Fire Theft
Ugly Girl 3:47 Fleming and John
Rock Of Ages 3:08 Gillian Welch
Tuesday's Gone 5:47 Hank Williams Jr.
Carolina In My Mind 2:41 James Taylor
Down Towards the Healin 5:28 Lovedrug
The Old Black Hen 5:48 Songs: Ohia
Life During Wartime 5:51 Talking Heads
Sacrifice 4:26 Uplifters
Radio Cure 5:08 Wilco

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