22 November 2004

"everything that the pencil says is erasable, unlike our voices, whose words are black and permanent, smudging our lives like coal dust, unlike our memories, etched like a skyline against the mind, unlike our irretrievable deeds...the pencil spills everything, and then takes everything back." -charles wright


A Minor Incident 3:44 Badly Drawn Boy
Hey Jude 7:02 The Beatles
yoga 5:07 Bjork
Blue Tears 4:54 The Black Heart Procession
Build a Fire 3:39 Blue
Forever Young 4:56 Bob Dylan
Redemption Song 3:47 Bob Marley & The Wailers
A Perfect Sonnet 3:41 Bright Eyes
Video killed the Radio Star 3:22 Buggles
Givin Up 3:37 The Darkness
Time Away 5:11 Denali
Bedshaped 4:38 Keane
somebody told me 3:35 The killers
No More 4:13 matt pond PA
life in mono 3:48 Mono
As The Days Go By 4:18 Talking Heads
Luna Sea 4:17 Vetiver
Moons And Horror Shows 2:36 The Zutons

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