07 October 2004

today my inconvenience turned into a blessing. i was excited i had time in between classes to sit in the park and realized i forgot something and had to walk back home. but when i was on my way back to the park i found something that excited me so much. i found a splendid record of picture treasures. seven pages of an old strangers photo album. i wonder if they lived in 108 harrison- the deserted house that is just now being renovated. i am so excited about finding them. why were they forgotten about and thrown away by another? were they owned by the guy who died, talked about in the article on one of the pages? were those memories captured, sad reminders of nostalgia? i want to make up stories about each one. turn that trash into art. ones trash is anothers treasure

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Anonymous said...

ones trash is definetley treasure to another. When we moved into our old house I found a whole box of the previous owners pictures, and slides. all my roomies thought it was weird when I said I wanted them. I think it's interesting. Snapshots from other peoples lives. a little sneak peek. There's even a band that buys slides at estate sales, and makes up songs to "explain" what's goin on in the slide show. THAT'S IT.
O yeah, I read your poems, and thoughts every few days. I really like your art too. Love to hear some of the stuff you put on disk
DreaddyJimi blaze1@rock.com