10 September 2004

unheard of
by lauren d'auria

silence runs amuck
down the halls not found
in our generation
twentieth century age of noise
serves attention deficit disorder
dodging focus
dodging concentration
not chasing or hunting down silence
silence is unheard of
soundless sounds cant be found
stillness always has a rumble
of at least our A/C
to sit and not think of anything
would seem blasphemous
to on the move USA
unproductive always have to have
some place togo
appearance lacks experience
while i sit alone thinking
what to do and never doing it
learn to talk and you are fine
follow through just might
not matter these days
but Im still young
scribble scribble dot dot
i forgot my cootie shot.
oh no what now?
who cares what's there
the mind fields everywhere
'bless you' 'have a nice day'
pause if you are there-
a good stopping place
how can it be found?

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