02 July 2004

'the night and the shadows of the night will not linger, and them orning shall soon find us if you will but stay with us'
'He did not utterly condemn the liar or the theif or the murderer, but He did utterly condemn the hypocrite whose face is masked and whose hand is gloved.'
'the earth was fragrant, and like the daughter of a king at her wedding feast, she wore all her jewels. and the sky was her bridegroom.'
'perhaps he is paying with his sorrow the price for your passing joy.'
'when you would pray, let your longing pronounce the words.'
'the sound of His voice never descended to emptiness, for the memory of mean keeps that which his mind takes no care to keep.'
'know you not, the slave in His dreaming would always be master; and the weakling would be a lion? the Galilean was a conjuror and a deceiver, a man who forgave the sins of all the sinners that He might hear Hail and Hosanna from their unclean mouths; and who fed the faint heart of the hopeless and the wretched that He might have hears for His voice and a retinue at His command. He broke the sabbath with those who break that He might gain the support of the lawless; and He spoke ill of our high preist that He might win attention in the sanhedrim, and be opposition increase His fame.'
'His blood shall run upon the earth, but they themselves shall know the wounds and the pain thereof, and they shall be baptized in their tears until they are cleansed of their sins.'
'the lilies and the brier live but a day, yet that day is eternity spent in freedom.'
'behold the brook and listen to its music. forever shall it seek the sea, and though it is for ever seeking, it sings it mystery from noon to noon. would you seek the Father as the brook seeks the sea?'
'you and your neighbor are two seeds sown in the field. together you grow and together you shall sway in the wind. and neither of you shall claim the field. for a seed on its way to growth claims not even its own ecstasy.'
'He spoke of leaves that sing only when blown upon the wind.'
'only in our aloneness may we visit the land of His aloneness'
'He loved us with tender love. His heart was a winepress. you and i could approach with a cup and drink therefrom.'

-kahlil gibran (Jesus the son of man)

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Megan Joy said...

If there is only one great author out of Lebanon, it's Gibran... The Prophet is my favorite. Good stuff.