21 July 2004

[i watched the sunset above the city on the top of a parking garage in the fan]
by lauren d'auria

...the light that is turned on by the morning each day is turned off and replaced by a natural bulbed night light. the rise and set are so beautiful yet decoratively subtle they are a not but special miricle. the free showing comes twice a day unseen by the neglectful audience of self included. there is no stage curtain covered in eyes waiting to be pulled. only two twelve hour scenes accented by its frame of surrounding clouds and as far as you can see, underlined by the horizon. the sun is so bright that when it retreats it leaves a few minute trail on one side of the earth on its way to visit the other. there's the moon, thumbnail, cut, only a slice tonight. the sun will return again shortly preceding the newspaper and coffee...

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Unconsoius said...

This was so beautiful to read, that i had to read it three times, just had to. thanks for typing it for all these people to see, its truly something great