23 July 2004

collaborative stranger
by lauren d'auria, rachel, Mew, and Anonymous

'like strangers that know each other really well'
'connected by something that can't be explained'
'not quite friends but not quite strangers'
the awkwardness of newness embodied in the moment
looking back on the comfort of the well known
contemplating dancing around it-
the all familiar notorious phrase
repeating the words 'hi, how are you?' in different ways.
but there is a distinctive difference floating.
the fixed gaze of the other seems inundatingly natural.
were the memories made forgotten?
or is it simply a reminding coincidence?
'this week i met somebody well.. kind of new.
spent two days and no longer 'strangers."
like at first site. like its always been
i feel as if ive known you without beginning


Tom said...

I really like this ... interested that is a collaboration

Anonymous said...

hey, this is Brandon. I really like the passage. The words really convey that whole "stranger but not a total stranger" idea. Awesome awesome