23 May 2004

i love that so many ppl are responding to my tanning bed entry and proving my statement wrong. it is good b/c i am learning something. i learned that even tho i have been thinkin so much about how i hate the western world and being in this mindset- that we are the center of the universe- it seems i myself am guilty of the very mindset, proved w/ that impulsive entry. i always tend to forget that around the world there are and can be good things that come out of, one example, tanning bed use. tho here it might be dumb,the fact that it is winter 90 percent of the time in other places would make sense to use one. or light therapy is another good thing. i need to have my mindset broken and your comments are helping me. thanx again. i like that 'blogger' added updated their site to beable to receive comments.


Anonymous said...

id say its ok, ya know? i mean everyone says stuff that is spur of the moment. i think its hilarious that everyone responded. who knew so many responses would come about from a 4 line entry on tanning bed use.

oh...and you said something... "its ok for me to have feelings right?" i'd say...feelings are great...but sometimes they are a sideshow distracting you from the real issue. some things in life are meant to be dealt with using feeling....some with judgement. when you're married you have to love your wife with feeling...but when she asks you for money...using judgement and putting feelings aside can be beneficial. you should look ahead to the outcome of your decisions, weigh the results, and make your choice with confidence in your judgement. weighing a situation based on your feelings rather than judgement does not allow you to be confident...it only allows you to be unsure, second guess yourself, and think "what if". and the reason si because as we all know...feelings are relative. you could have felt a totally different way in a given situation had it not been raining, or had you eaten breakfast, or had the dog not pissed on the floor that morning. using judgement also helps when responding to people because then you don't FEEL like you've done something wrong if things don't exactly work out in a win win situation...it becomes an issue of the mind...not the heart. its a balance. and its different for everyone i guess. i like to keep my feelings a whisper. i like to let my feelings "pass through". many times i see feelings like a wave. you can let them crash down on you , dive right into and through them adn come out the other side, or take a shot to ride them into shore. sometime the waves are strong sometimes they are calm. but, a girl like you, i don't think you have anything to worry about. even if you have strong opinions on how people get their tan. because you know the story about the house, the rock, and the sand.

Anonymous said...

interesting blog you got here dude :)

I also learnt stuff from the tanning blog & comments :)

Tom said...

oh speaking of tans ... I love tans & brown clothes!!!
When it comes to people ... its not how tanned someone is that makes them beautiful ... I love the diversity that God created!! its awesome