19 April 2004

" i want to love Him as a man, but if He loved me as a woman i wouldnt know what to do with it. i couldnt live up to what i see in Him" - unknown

my notebook is still warm from being inside my black backpack absorbing from the 90 degree heat box outside. it makes me think about just how fun this weekend was. (im excited about tan season too and being in the warm heat, beable to sooth the pain of it at the instant of jumping in the pool. "its funny that women used to carry around an umbrella just to keep from getting a tan"

usAirmAndAn (08:25:26 PM):laundry time. speaking of laundry. do you know how nice warm clothes or a blanket feels fresh out of the dryer? they always make me smile when i hold em. do you know what i mean?
usAirmAndAn (08:26:38 PM): jesus said you make him feel that way. he likes you.

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