28 March 2004

my desk is by my window now
i get to look out
into my great view of another brick wall
its almost the same
but different then the one behind my desk
except the windows across the parking lot
are still there
the one in the brick wall in my room
has been filled in
its obvious where the ark and ledge used to be
i wonder how old it is
and when and why they decided to paint it white
disguising all the age
or maybe the death of bugs by blind flight
hiding all the weathered uniqueness

my desk is by my window now
i always usually have it open
when the weather agrees
my screen insert keeps everything out
except for the occasional breeze
and the sound of laughing in the distance
the sound of car doors shutting
and the horn honking
a sign that its locked
or is it really? my car gets confused sometimes

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