01 February 2004

ray mcculom 'the power of a purified imagination'
-gen 11:6
unification, communication, imagination
-everything that was created was created twice (once in your mind and once in reality)
-matt 9:23
-prayer purifys imagination
-delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart
if you are delighting yourself in the Lord then the desires of your heart will be pleasing to Him.
-until you start to dream bigger and see your self bigger then nothing is ever gonna happen
until you have the first creation in your mind-there will never be a 2nd creation.
2 cor 3:18
- you cant make yourself more like the Lord- but behold the images of the word and you will become what you see and what you set yourself after
rom 8:29
what you behold will compell you

-fear, evil imaginations, spiritual dullness
-defeat fear by replacing the image w/ faith
-get your hopes you! dream!

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