15 July 2002

summer summer summer...my phone is off nobody can wake me up..and no you cant trick me by calling my cell phone to wake me up b/c that can charge when it is off tooooo. late nights turn to sleepin in late durin the day. i love havin to not work and do nothing so that whenever somethin comes up i can usually do it. the thing is...at times like these when im just on the comp doin absolutely zero im so bored i just want to eat. in my head right now the food im thinkin of is cheese and the drink im thinkin of is a caramel frapachino....yum. i dont think they would go well together tho. so everymorning and maybe at night too i want to write down all bout my day and my thoughts. "you just gotta be real" "its freedom time" as lauryn hill would say. she rocks..i really look up to her as a person. how she has given up herself and her music to God. how she sacrificed her fame to spread the gospel thru her music. that is really not something i thought she would do but the fact that she did makes me admire her even more. thats how we all gotta be "knowing my condition is the reason i must change". "ill be the first person to say that 'im a mess' everyday i ask God to help me be less of a mess"

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