02 July 2002

ok im back from the call...well i got back on sunday. it was amazing..it was a whole day of praying and worshiping. we got there around 9 am and it ended at 6 pm. to get there we took the subway. and on our way to catch this certain one we had to go down this back alley and we found this guy and he helped us find it. his name was charles...he went w/ us all the way thru 25 subway stops and one train switch and stayed w/ us the whole day at the call for 9 hours. we found out that he got saved at a reinhard bonnke crusade in nigiria which is he where is from and he is a christian. so that was awesome. he was our bodygaurd on the subways for us 5 girls. but anyways we got to the call and we met up w/ more ppl from our church there. in total there was about 20 of us prolly maybe less. but the day was awesome. it was in flushing meadows park right next to shea stadium. ((if you remember in men in black where the alien runs to the park and takes one of the alien ship lookin things on the pole and the huge globe rolls away..)) well thats where it was. thousands of ppl were there just as a day to give to God and to prayer for different things and our nation. there were alot of awesome speakers there (like paul kain, pat robertson from 700 club, mike bickle, dr brown, cindy jacobs, dutch sheets, lou engle, che ahn) and then worship teams (jason upton, matt redman, international house of prayer in kansas city, gabe ahn) etc. it was really fun dancin around in the dirt and i definately got real dirty by the end of the day. the call dc we didnt get to but this year we got to go up to the front rows and be right up by the stage which was awesome. i took lots of pictures too. but thats it basically that i can explain in words

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