27 July 2002

generation surge camp: [july 21-26] this is a camp that i went to last year. it is done by atlanta city church. the camp is in cleveland, tennessee...yes that means that it is a 12 hour drive. on the way up we left on sunday after church and drove for 6 hours or so to a hotel in virginia some where for the night. i got to be a room leader so that was cool...i felt cool. so that night we played cards..a bunch of ppl got in the pool and played football. our group was around 80 ppl so just picture -->mostly all middleschoolers and some highschool some college takin over the hotel pool. the next morn we left around 10 to make our way to camp. we ended up gettin there faster then we thought-like around 4 oclock. we registered and then moved all our stuff into our cabins. this year we stayed in this awesome lodge that was huge. it is called 'sunset' , it was far away from everything but that was aight cuz it was good to get out and walk. aight so that night was the first service. the speaker for the week was a guy named joseph jennings. he is this huge black guy. he was awesome. some of the things he preached on was salvation, families, and forgiveness. he preached at night and billy huffman, the youth pastor of atlanta city church, preached in the mornings. billy preached on prayer and submission. this week had a big impact on my life. i bought a book there called 'undercover' which is about submission and coming under your authority. billy preached on this too which is something i have problem w/ but God is dealing w/ me in that area. but anyways...all the ppl at camp which was around 300 were split into teams [i was on yellow team] and thruout the whole week you have to try and make as much fake money as you can and who ever does wins and gets to sign a banner. the first day my team did high and low ropes. this is real fun b/c in high ropes there is a 60 foot freefall swing and a zipcord...on that zip cord i went on it backwards and upside down...as soon as you jump off you do a flip backwards and hang upsidedown w/ your hands down in the position of a handstand but in midair...it rocks...also there is a rock climbing wall which all i got out of that was a huge bruise on my leg. the next day we did paintball which was really fun but the gross part was you had to put on a wet sweatin body suit and a sweaty helmet...i lucked out b/c mine both were not that bad. but i did good i shot alot of ppl and only got hit like 3 times out of 3 games. i did get a war wound tho..i have a welt on the back of my arm from a paintball. next we did our water event where someone had to swim across the lake on a boogy board get a honey due mellon ,swim back and while he was doin that the rest of our group had to go in and out of the water filling out mouth w/ lake water to fill up this bucket..then you have to do cheers for your team and the other to make money. our team was ahead the whole time until our last person swam really slow and their third person caught up to us and ended up winning...so basically as nate says 'that was the biggest waste of energy'. thursday- we got up very early and went white water rafting!! that was awesome..there was mostly all class 2 and 3 but there were a few class 4 rapids...when we got back we ate lunch and then slept from 12-4..that was great. friday we left after the awards ceremony. my team ended up gettin 5th place which rocks cuz we thought we were gonna get last. it was sad leavin everyone again...but it was time for our 12 hour journey back to the burg. and i got sick...but im finally home and still sick.

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